North America Port Guide: Bar Harbor

North America Cruise Guide: Bar Harbor

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Discover Bar Harbor in our North America Cruise Guide

A summer colony since the early days, Bar Harbor is one ofthe most visually stunning spots on the Eastern Seaboard. It’s located on MountDesert Island, neighboring Acadia National Park and a few miles from the Canadianborder. Nature-lovers and poets pronounce themselves overwhelmed, dumbfounded,endlessly entranced with the beauty all around Bar Harbor—it’s an embarrassmentof riches, courtesy of Mother Nature, all here for your enjoyment.

A few must-sees….

North America Cruise Guide: Bar Harbor
Acadia National Park

Be the earliest bird in the US when you greet the dawn at CadillacMountain in Acadia National Park. Because of its elevation and its location onthe northeastern tip of Maine, the summit of Cadillac is famed as the firstplace in the States to see the sun rise each new day.(Actually this variesaccording to season, but it’s definitely valid in fall.)

If you have a day, jaunt over the border and cruise the Bay of Fundy. Board the ferry in St. John and spend three hours whale-watching and lounging about the ship. When you get to the other side, feast on fresh seafood in the tourist-friendly fisherman’s town of Digby.  

Puffin Peeking

North America Cruise Guide: Bar Harbor

Puffin peeking is a pastime similar to whale-watching, except instead of scouting for friendly giants of the deep, you’re looking for cute little penguin lookalikes that fly and have big orange feet.  These guys are extremely popular, and they always leave their fans wanting more—they’re only on land for about 12 weeks, starting at the end of April. They’re seabirds except when breeding, and even during that season, they stay mostly on rocks and tiny islands, so the best way to see them is by boat.

North America Cruise Guide: Bar Harbor
Changing leaves

Summer’s transition to glorious autumn is something of a spectator sport, particularly in places like Acadia National Park, where the changing leaves create a living canopy of gold, bronze and green. Acadia, Bar Harbor and indeed all of Mount Desert Island provide hours of “Wow” time for leaf-peepers both local and out-of-townies.

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