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Are cruises all inclusive? If you have never been on a cruise before it can be a little confusing on what is included in the price. Some people wonder if a cruise is actually considered all inclusive. To some extent they are all inclusive compared to other vacations.

What is included on a cruise? Most meals on the ship, onboard entertainment, accommodations and exciting ports to explore are included in the price of a cruise. You will find that a cruise ship is a floating resort, with all the activities and amenities offered plus more! Cruise vacations are perfect for honeymoons, family vacations, singles or groups.

However there are some things that are not included in your cruise price. What is not included on a cruise? Shore excursions, salon services, spa treatments, laundry, dry cleaning, Internet access, gambling, photos, Ship to Shore Telephone calls and gratuities are not included in the price of a cruise. Cruise lines also charge extra for soft drinks and alcoholic drinks.

Most cruise lines now charge extra for alternative restaurants and speciality dining shops like an ice cream shop, bakery or coffee shop. Traditional dining restaurants are included in the cruise price.

A cruise vacation is everything from exciting to serene, romantic and luxurious, yet casual and economical. A cruise is a unique experience that allows you to escape from reality and truly indulge yourself. Cruise travel offers the best vacation at the best price.

Cruises are a great way to see it all. You will find that cruise destinations just about cover the world appealing to first time cruisers that are looking for new experiences and to repeat cruisers seeking to fulfill their wanderlust. Cruisers will find something that perfectly suits them. From Caribbean cruises, Hawaiian cruise,Alaska cruise, Bermuda Cruise, Mediterranean cruise to the shorter Bahamas cruise.

The cruise lines are welcoming new ships every year with new shipboard facilities and amenities such as full-scale aqua parks, luxury spas with spa suites, flexible dining choices, pools and recreation areas dedicated to adults, teens or children, expanded golf programs and wireless internet to help cruisers stay connected. Book a cruise and enjoy life at sea!

Choose To Cruise!

A cruise can be anything you want it to be.  Cruise lines are always adding new shipboard amenities, different types of cruises and adding new interesting ports of call.  Whether you choose a luxury cruise or a quick and inexpensive three or four day cruise you will receive pampering.  All of your needs are catered to for the entire length of your cruise.

With so many choices in cruise lines and ships and so many different options and itineraries, selecting the right ship is very important. Make sure you research all the options available so that you will have a dream cruise vacation!

Featured Cruise Ship
Carnival Cruise ImaginationCarnival Imagination
The Carnival Imagination is in great shape, with new features bringing it into the 21st century.
Featured Cruise Port of Call
Bermuda CruisesBermuda
A Bermuda cruise offers a host of shopping, sporting, golfing, hiking, beautiful beaches and many sightseeing opportunities.

Newest Trend For Cruises: Spa Accommodations

The popularity of spa vacations now has a sea-going alternative. Cruise lines today are providing private spa decks with spa staterooms and suites. Carnival's ship, Carnival Splendor features 68 spa staterooms and suites. Look for more cruise lines to offer spa accommodations.

Booking Your Cruise Vacation

When you are ready to book your all inclusive cruise vacation there are a few things you need to remember. First and the most important is proof of citizenship requirements. If you book through a travel agent they will tell you what you will need for the cruise you are booking. However, if you are booking it online or through the cruise line you need to make sure you are aware of the required documentation. Get a passport, this is what all cruise lines suggest. Make sure the name on the passport is the name that you book the cruise under. Don't book the cruise under Cindy if the passport has Cynthia on it. This is very important!

Next thing is flights. If you are flying or driving, go a day early. If the cruise departs on Saturday, book your flight to arrive on Friday. Give yourself an extra day to deal with any flight delays, schedule changes or cancellations. If you are driving, plan to arrive at least one day prior to your cruise departure. Always allow yourself plenty of time to get to the pier. You don't want to miss that ship!

When booking your cruise, consider buying travel insurance. It is well worth the extra cost. Compare the cruise lines insurance with other policies such as Travel Guard and Access America. Travel insurance offers you peace on mind in the event of an emergency. lets you compare different insurance plans from leading insurance companies.

5 Things to Know About Cruises

1. You can book your cruise directly with the cruise line. Every cruise line has their own website where you can research and book your cruise. This is ok for those who have cruised before and know exactly what they want. But it costs nothing to use the services of a professional travel agent. Using a travel agent gives you the benefit of their experience, technology and value added services such as getting your seat assignments for your flights, monitoring your cruise rate for any lower or better promotions that you may qualify for and making sure you are aware of all the required documentation needed for your cruise.

2. Don't over pack. Most people tend to over pack for a cruise. Take the basics plus be sure to pack flip-flops or other slip-on shoes for going to the pool or any water-related shore excursions you might take. Some ships have self-serve washer and dryers you can use. Most ships have at least one formal night. A suit or dress will do fine for formal nights.

3. How much and whom do you tip? On some luxury cruise lines tipping is forbidden. Other cruise lines offer prepaid gratuity options. A $10 to $12 per person, per day service charge will be automatically added to shipboard account.

4. What the price of the cruise includes. Most cruise prices include your room, food and some beverages. Free drinks may include coffee, tea, lemonade, and for breakfast, milk and juice. Some of the luxury cruise lines include wine at no extra charge. Free activities include -- pool, gym, shows, and moonlight stroll around the ship.

5. Cruise ship dining. Most ships now have various dining options: cafes, buffets, specialty restaurants and formal dining rooms. Open seating is available on many ships allowing you to sit where you want. Most menus include lowfat or low-calorie options and most ships try to accommodate special dietary requests.

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A cruise vacation is a great way to see the world! There are so many destinations to choose from and so many cruise lines to cruise on! If you have never been on a cruise then start with a three day cruise to see how you like it and then you will be ready to take a five, seven, 10-day or longer cruise.

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Cruise vacations offer lots of value, fun for everyone and interesting destinations.

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